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Slow n low,

Welcome to the forum! Where are you coming from and where are you headed to? There is going to be a FREE outing at Gold Basin the end of Oct, you are invited!


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Hello Slow & Go,

Welcome to my forums. You will find that there is a wealth of information here and some great people to meet. Like Bunk said, there's a Gold Basin outing coming up and other events that will probably happen once the weather cools a bit here in the Southwest.

Don't hesitate to jump right in on the post and contribute your thoughts, comments or opinions. We are all here to learn, even the more experienced guys/gals.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Will be here the beginning of October for 11 days but thanks for the invite, mind you if i find plenty ile be staying on a lil while lol, im experienced detecting wise, the only thing i have to learn is the geology aspect, im going to Nevada.

I don't know much, slo-n-low, but if i were going to Nevada i would get a copy of jim straight's reprints,,,heck i got 'em and i'm not even planning on a trip there soon,,,,but....it is good reading anyway for educational purposes,,,,this is GEOLOGY

you can find them by searching his name in the search window,,,and Rob A. has some of his books for sale on his website that i personally like a lot.

Good hunting slo-a-low.....maybe i will get up there to Nevada soon...

Welcome to the forum!


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Paul... Thank you for recommending my books. I really appreciate it. ADVANCED Prospecting & Detecting for Hardrock Gold (and associated placers) has been updated with an appendix on meteorites.

It is printed in small 50 copy lots on a full color laser printer in a large and busy printshop when there is "slack time."

Rob carrys both "ADVANCED/meteorites" which is basically about the metalliferous districts and metallogenetic epochs of the north american cordillera and "Three Hours to Gold from Southern California" which is limited in scope to metal detecting eolian and eluvial placere using VLF- and PI- type detectors within the Randsburg Quadrangle and outlying districts.

Thank you Rob for your support over the years, and also everyone who has bought one of my books.... Jim Straight; Mackay School of Mines BS Geological Engineering 1954 (Old school, slide rule, log. tables, mercury and asbestos.)

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