There's Gold on the Hill

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All you have to do is find it.

Rich Hill, Stanton and the Weaver Mining District is probably the most famous of the Southwest's Gold placers. It has a fascinating history and is still a premier destination for the modern prospector.

Read more about it's history at Ruby's Ripple Blog.

With more than 400 Mineral Claims and Patents mapped to their actual boundaries and covering over 32,000 acres the Rich Hill FootPrint DVD map is our most ambitious project to date. Every prospector should have the chance to work this famous location. Do your research with FootPrints before you get there and follow in the steps of successful prospectors. Spend your time prospecting instead of wondering if you are on the right claim. Find unclaimed areas open to prospecting. Discover where those roads go and what is at the end- before you leave home. Make and print your own custom maps before you go and display and print your GPS tracks and waypoints on those maps after you return.

Along with your new Rich Hill FootPrint DVD you will get a free claim pass to Bunk's claim on Rich Hill.

Calvin "Bunk" Bunker has graciously offered a free claim pass to his aptly named Miner Diggins #1 claim to the buyers of the Bonus edition of the new Rich Hill FootPrint DVD. This isn't just any claim either, it's right on Rich Hill within easy walking distance of Stanton.

You can see where it is at this link.

We've included a panoramic view of the Rich Hill/Weaver placers for those who have never been there. Click on the picture to get a MUCH larger version suitable for printing.

We've made the map and given you a place to dig. The rest is up to you. Go get the Gold. :D



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That was my rubber water basin liner you cleaned out you drywasher concentrates from my cliam in Greaterville

You are a claim jumping bottom feeder

Hey fishing8046,

Sorry to hear someone claim jumped you. Those two legged varmits are the worst kind! :angry:

I'm not the one you are looking for though, I've never claim jumped anyone. Heck fishing why do you think we spend so much time plotting other peoples claims? A claim jumper doesn't care who's claim he is on! Read why we started making maps, that might clear things up for you.

I have spent some time in Greaterville, at least enough to have seen that drywashers lose most of their small gold in the clay content. As a result I have never drywashed in Greaterville. Metal detecting sure. Sluicing when I can get the water, but never drywashing.

I haven't seen your water basin liner either. Ruby and I plan on spending some time there next spring, if you tell me which claim you own we will keep an eye out for claim jumpers for you.

Good luck finding the scumbags who took your minerals I won't bother asking what you do to them. :rolleyes:



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  • 3 weeks later...

I want to thank everyone who has supported FootPrints! Your kind emails and comments are truly appreciated. Ruby and I are very gratified that our fellow prospectors have found our maps to be as useful as we do.

The response to the Rich Hill FootPrint in particular has been huge. As a result the first edition of Rich Hill that has the Bonus Claim Pass is nearly sold out. If you would like to prospect on the MinerDiggins claim on Rich Hill you will need one of these limited edition passes. You can see a 3D view of Rich Hill and The MinerDiggins #1 claim here.

Rob can set you up with this great prospector's mapping program AND a Rich Hill Claim Pass just give him a call at:

Phone 623-362-1459

or email Rob at:

[email protected]

Or you can visit one of the fine retailers of FootPrints map sets at our Buy Page.

Thanks Again



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