Whites tdi + coiltek coils

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I´m new here and in nugget-hunting too.

I wondering if it possible to combine whites TDI PI machine with for example coils from coiltek, specially 40"x20" mother ship?

I would like to buy this unit (Tdi), but only if i can use it with very big coils.

I´m heading to a virgin land, that produce big nuggets, 5-6 oz and heavier. the ground is flat and with no obstacles.

Thanks a lot


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Hi A-S

Yes. The TDI will work very well with any ML GP/GPX coil. The only snag is that very large coils don't work well with pulse delays below about 15 micro sec. With coils that size you are not looking for small targets anyway. Minelab detectors don't run delays below about 15 usec so you will need to do some testing to find pulse delay sweet spot for the coil you have on. I would also run in all conductor untill you find out how the gold that large will be a high or low conductor. You may want to run with out GB on for max depth and dig all targets at first.

Good luck.


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