My first day with the GPX5000

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Morning trip to Rose Creek which has lots of trash.

Here's some of what I found:

Rose Creek targets

Afternoon trip to local GPAA claim which also had lots of trash. photo:

GPAA targets

I couldn't distinguish from my test nugget sound and the garbage. Played around with some settings.

I'm a novice hunter (just started this year) so there is a detecting learning curve besides the new detector.

Every hit was a genuine target - now to keep experimenting with the settings to better discriminate.

I have high hopes for some nugget action! :)

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Now that's what I'm talking about!

People helping people.....

Thanks for your helping attitude Bunk!


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Thanks for the replies, guys.

Didn't mean to sound discouraged; I was kind of exhausted from going out twice in 1 day. I just realized that every hit was a legitimate target with NO hot rocks :)

My plan is to get fairly proficient with the detector before scheduling Rob's training session. This is so we can focus more on tips, tricks & techniques rather than just the mechanics of the machine.

The manual is well-written and illustrated. As a technician I've dealt with a lot of cruddy manuals, many written outside the country, so Minelab's is a pleasure.

Bunk- I appreciate the offer but am having a rest day. We'll touch base again soon.

Happy hunting, y'all!

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I am assuming reading the manual is part of your learning process...the targets you have indicate a reasonable level of knowledge/skill (especially the tiny lead or brass) get maximum benifit from Rob's instruction...go soon, before you form habits that inhibit rather than help...


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there's nothing like having somebody there to help you. Wish i had help. I think then i would be way ahead of where i am now. I hit a spot yesterday with my kid, that was really rich, there has to be float gold in there. It's funny that i thought i would get this a lot sooner. So keep at it! i'm not giving up yet. Going out again today....

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Thanks for the advice and encouragement, gang.

I dropped off laundry today instead of doing it myself, so spent that hour back out on the GPAA claim finding

Photo Here

One of those square-headed nails I've heard about (it spirals).

Yes, I'm not only reading the manual over and over I actually carry it with me in the bucket. Today experimented with Fine Gold setting and Pinpointing.

Noticed a lotta coil scratches already from sticking it between rocks, but guess they make em strong.

Oh- LOVE the harness with bungie- definitely eases the load and extends detecting time.

Sounds like a consensus to get instruction sooner rather than later so I'll see how Rob's schedule is.

Thanks again for all of your input! :)

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