Customer scores big with new Minelab GPX5000

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Hello All,

This is kind of a repeat post, but had some different pictures I wanted to show. I first met Kelly at the Minelab Tech. Center in Dewey a few weekends ago and we talked about the GPX5000 a bit there. I believe after my Q & A talk with Bill Southern we were able to show the customers we were not just sellers, but rather dealers that take time with customers and want to improve their overall success. After the Tech Center deal I was contacted by at least 5 customers asking about new metal detectors.

Kelly called a few days later and enquired about a GPX5000 and we spent well over 30 minutes on the phone together talking about the performance, settings, new timings and everything I offered with the sell. Kelly ended up purchasing the GPX5000 that day and we conducted field instructions this weekend.

Kelly played around with the GPX5000 several days before the field instructions, which I highly encourage. This allows customers to get familiar with the unit so we don't burn more timing over some of the real basic stuff. Kelly, being the techie he is was able to get a good handle on the GPX5000 with a few days.

A few hours into the field instructions, I saw Kelly digging a pretty good hole. I decided I better see what he has going on. By the time I got to the spot, Kelly had a big smile on his face. He just recovered a 9.4 Dwt gold nuggets from about 12-14 inches in an old dig area. A nugget this size is pretty rare anymore in pounded spots, so it was a hell of a find for the first one. Kelly also found a handful of small bits of wire and the typical iron rubbish you will find around most goldfields.

Overall, the training session went very well. I believe Kelly walked away as a very happy customers, knowing more about the GPX5000 and with a nice nugget to boot!

Congrats my friend and customer. Wishing you much more success in the goldfields. If you ever have any questions, like I told you before, don't hesitate to call.

Below are a few pictures of Kelly, his new GPX5000 and 1/2 ounce nugget.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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That's great stuff Rob and Kelly....this kind of customer service is what will make the difference!

Can't wait to get to CA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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