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Listen to what everyone has to say and it's all about the GPX5000.You don't know that you have a GPX4800 or the GPX4500 ever was.Look at Southside has had a GPX 4500 at give-a-way price and haven't had not one hit on it.

Never before has this happen so that all others have been forgotten.I myself if I buy one it will be the GPX5000 and I don't give the others a second look.I don't know if all the excitement is about the GPX 5000 or the new customer service that we know now we'll have if we buy one.

Chuck Anders

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Hi Chuck,

The reason I have not said more about the 5000 is that

I have not had quite enough time with it to be able to talk with direct knowledge

about much more than the advertised changes (which are true imho).

Also on the Oz forums there may be some reluctance to post

because of the nay-sayers that appear touting the 4500 as the same or close to the 5000.

Which is also true...the two machines are close.

Here is what I think so far:

While the advances may be considered subtle, these incrimental advances to a person who

knows their detector can make a big difference. It is hard to quantify a Ground Balance improvement,

but it's there. It is difficult to describe the new Fine Gold setting but in my eyes it is really good.

Even a change like having the front end switches against a white background and reversed so you can

easily lift it up the box to make adjustments is an ergonomic change that makes a difference.

In other words the subtle changes add up to a group of worthy changes that we all have to figure out

for ourselves whether they are worth upgrading to.

I also think the general state of the economy is playing a huge part. I had to pre-sell my 4500 and

do some other financial gymnastics to be able to get one. It was an edgy decision because as I mentioned

it is hard for me to get out these days.

fwiw and best wishes,


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Well written Flak,

The 5000 has been out now for just under 7 weeks. The majority of folks that have bought one

have only had between probably 6 and 10 days out with it. IMHO, that is way too short a time

to be able to give a full summation of the 5000's performance over and above the 4500 and 4000

Yes, there are knockers here in Oz. Most don't own a 5000 and give their "learned" opinions based

on heresay fro their mate's, uncle's, bosses' mother-in-law. Several respected detectorists have

given tacit approved but say they need more time to prove the 5000's worth.

My wife and I have been out over 30 days with it and our 4500. We've picked up over an ounce and a half

of varying sized nuggets and compared it to the 4500 in Enhance. In our opinion it is a better machine

and worth the upgrade in our instance. Perhaps not for someone who is only going to use it 12-20 times

a year.

Have a great weekend


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