Target missed with a 5000..

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Well, the 5000 passed right by this target with nary a blip:

Photo of find

but my new Falcon MD20 probe picked it right up.

Now- granted, it was tucked in a crevasse. ;)

For obvious reasons, I'll not disclose the location of this find, however- if you can get it out of

The Unnown Drywasher

you'll be ahead of the game.

The MD20 is fun cuz you can dangle it down into rock gaps, between bush branches etc and test places where coils aren't getting.

I'm going to make a custom rod for mine soon.

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Okay- made a holder for the falcon to poke into rocks, above head etc.

Photos here

Total cost: $6.78 at Home Depot with military/veteran discount (Vets- don't forget to ask for discount everywhere you go- many places give 10% off).

Half the cost was for a union I didn't need except for the perfect-sized grommet, so a hardware store might work better.

Held together only by friction, it's quickly detachable to dangle if desired.

I'm going to wear it on a neck pouch since it's not really for ground-level but rather a bit higher and even overhead.

Great stocking stuffer or full gift and Rob has them in stock! :)

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You had better get that GPX5000 checked if it didn't pickup that SMALL target!!! :blink:

Falcon sells an optional 3 piece handle for my MD-10 it is more or less the same as you have made though, on their website they still sell the handle $11.95, but it says that it is "not for use on the MD 20FP" which is no longer available, but I guess it will work on the MD 20, not that you need a handle now that you have one at about half the price.


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Kelly next time we get together remind me to tell you the one about "the polock the preacher and the sheriff"

Uh Oh........... :huh:


Thanks for the Falcon handle info. It looks fine and has a nice grip, which mine doesn't (Yet).

I have fun fabricating things for the truck and prospecting. It's good that I did some field time with it first to see my MLUT -Most Likely Use of Tool.

It's fun to use in nooks and crannies and reaching overhead where I'd never bother with a coil, so I fully expect to find some of that yeller rock left behind places :)

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