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These are all for the owner of the rock (Cooter) and I am making pendants out of these for him. I do have a few cabs I made from slabs from the 16-1 mine and I have some slab material from Laos that makes for beautiful cabs. E-mail or pm if you are interested.

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Hi Steve, lovely work and even lovelier results. Beautiful! Some questions from me follow.

Have you ever slabbed & made cabs from gold in ironstone specimens (ie black matrix)? I would imagine gold veins would nice in a black background too.

I have some Aussie specimens (in quartz ) that may be nice turned into cabs or polished free forms (for pendants). Would you consider doing that for me? What is the loss from a cut & the kerf of the sawblade?

Thanks and regards,


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Thanks for your PM Steve, I have sent you a PM in reply,

Cheers, Huego :)

The way you talk about how everyone on these "Minelab" forums are stupid and blindless followers, I can not believe you have the nerve to show your face here Huego. You should be ashamed of yourself for the way you talk on Dougs forum! Any comment there big boy? Or maybe a few screen shots from Dougs will bring back your memory.

And to the other folks here I am sorry for bringing this up, but Huego is nothing but a trouble maker trying to act like he is a innocent bystander.

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OK, I gotta ask.

What is "cabbed"

Your work looks beautiful. Maybe some day you can do some for me. (once I learn what the h*** I'm doing)

Patrick in Havasu.....


Cabbed is the making of a cabochon from a slab. A Cabochon is a domed gemstone cut with no facets like the after shots in the original post

NB... not from Ca, but close in Oregon

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