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I been doing some patch hunting at the gold fields and got lucky. The first patch gave up 12 or so nuggets. Heres 6 nuggets I pulled out over a weekend from my first patch ever. biggest was 3.1DWT


This is a little video I made on my first patch digging a .5DWT nugget.

Gold Video

I was detecting all day yesterday and at the end of the day found a new patch. Dug a .5DWT and a 1.3DWT in about 45mins. It was getting dark and had to head out before the cows ate me :girl: . When I went back today my GPX4500 decided to take a #^%$ and left me with no gold from the new patch. Heres a pic of the first days nuggets and a awesome dinner at Luckys house.


I have a gp3000 and im going back with a vengeance for the rest of the nuggets!!!! Ill keep you posted.

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Hey congrat's again, on your first patch of gold. There's much bigger patches out there and your hot on it's trail. I'm glad you stayed at my place and I still can't believe you eat two giant plates of food. See ya after all this rain that's heading our way clears out...bring your boat!


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