GPX4500 officially discontinued in N. and S. America

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Dealers today officially received an email from Minelab Corporate that the GPX4500 is officially discontinued for sale in North and South America and they will not replenish their inventory here in the U.S.

All of them are gone from Minelab Corporate. I find the wording of this memo rather interesting as it seems to imply that this machine may still be available in foreign markets?

Maybe that is just the impression I got from the memo. Anyway, those of us that have GPX4500's still available will now start to see that there is an increased demand as the supply dries up.


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And those of us who have them, will love them just as much as we did before the 4800/5000 came along.. we'll hug them and hold them and remind them that in "our" hearts... they're still number one and will always be...... (until of course we get enough gold to buy a 5000... I WANT FINE GOLD TIMINGS...hahaha)..


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I would like to see a Mini 5500(with Fine Gold Timings) come out, a much smaller lighterweight model in a new more compact housing with a self-contained battery-booster.

That would be neat to have... or maybe a dedicated gold machine (go back to the roots)... I want Fine Gold but don't need Coin/Relic.. I have an E-Trac for that.


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Hey Doc,

I ordered a good batch of GPX4500's that I'm going to hold for awhile. I think the price will increase again in the future. If not, I can always make my money back on them. I'm already getting offers for a good price, so I believe they will even give more within a months time.

The GPX4500 is a great metal detector.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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