Candid Picture of Old Tailgate and Sandtrap

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I was able to snap a picture of Jim Straight and Jerry Balcer, running for President and Vice President in the last election, Jerry Was Running for Vice President, as he stated, no one knows Vice like him! Ha! Ha! GOTCHA! Both at the same time. Grubstake


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Trying to sell books for you Jim, everyone doesn't know the gold is where and still is in those drywash piles. I'm just waiting for a new book out from you, telling all you BIG nugget patches. Of course no GPS cords. because they didn't have them back then, just pointy fingers. GOTCHA! Grubstake

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Guest sandtrap

Heck, I'm still trying to figure out what that big word, " HELIANTHOIDA ", means.. Sounds like some fancy mobia, or something ?

Me thinks ,I'll go out beeping tomorrow; might just find one of "them".

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Oh Gosh, Oh Gee... Finally I GOTCHA grubstake?, and maybe Sandtrap too?

HELIANTHOIDA... helios... the sun and anthros... flower. Per Handbook of Geological Terms and Geology by David Page F.G.S. 1859. But I gotta be fair, the term also can refer to a special form of sea-anemones that rediates flower-like... :)

Hah... Hah... Sandtrap... I got written permission to go where you can't... :D But as Grubstake aludes to, I got no GPS cords... nor a pointy finger.

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