Arrr... Seek ye the treasure.....

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Greetings fellow Nugget Hunters,

Some of you may have seen my bit over at AZO's forum but wanted to say hello here at Rob's place. My son really got me started with the whole idea. He saw a show about guys digging meteorites on the tube and got the idea his wanted a metal detector. We hit up the local Big 5 and got him a kinda cheap-o VLF. Then he told me guys were finding gold nuggets with metal detectors in the wild. The idea was new to me and we starting looking around the Santa Rita's south of Tucson just after Chrstmas. After our first trip out with that Big-5 detector and a few gold pans I knew I was on to something my son and I would both enjoy for life. Since that first trip we have been spending most of our weekends outdoors hunting for nuggets. We purchased a GPX5000 from the world famous Mr. Rob Allison himself about 3-4 weeks ago on an impromptu trip to Phoenix that included picking up a huge cage and new Greenwing Macaw parrot for my fiancee. Talk about dropping some dough. But Rob's agreed meet us at 9:00 at night to pick up the detector. We headed for the hills the next morning.

So far I have spent all my free time learning about and using the Minelab, dailing in my GPS, fixing the Jeep for the next trip and joining clubs with local claims. I love this hobby and it fits perfect into my lifestyle. Now I just need to find that first bit of yellow to keep my kid and my head in the game....

Rob's support before, after and during the sale of the Minelab have been great. Thanks Rob! He has answered all my questions and being a total newbie I've had and still have plenty.

Oh and for the record.......that Greenwing Macaw we got tasted great...LOL :)

Peace and Good Luck to all who venture into the outdoors, may you find what you are looking for.... yellow or not. Cheers!

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whats up, glad to see more people sharing in this great thing we call nugget hunting. Hope to see some gold from you soon.............Justin

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Rob can't be beat on service after the sale....heck, even if he didn't make the sale to begin with! I moved to Arizona last summer, had some cash left after the move, went for broke and bought a GPX5000. From a dealer other than Rob. Lots of questions, mainly about timings, locations, and identifying certain rocks, some my selling dealer wasn't too good at getting back to me on, I felt. Someone told me to contact Rob. I did, and he always responded,and was very helpful, even tho to this day I have'nt bought a thing from him. I recently had to sell the 5000 to take care of an unexpected expense, and even take a real job(!),but when I am able to get another one, he has my buisness, and I have recommended him to many because of his service.


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  • Admin

Hello Guys,

AZOverland - Welcome to the forums and thanks for your business & comments. Looking forward to seeing you again during the field instructions in the very near future. Wishing you much success until then. ;)

Cat - Thanks for the kind comments. I try my best to help everyone I can when I can. Glad I was able to help a bit with the sale of your detector. When you are ready again, make sure you look me up.

Wishing you all the best,

Rob Allison

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