Super Magnets and Minelabs

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I found myself worried about the proximity of my MineLab to the super magnet on my pick. I wear the pick as alot do on a loop on my hip and when I switch arms the detector unit is very close to the magnet. I also found I was getting more false signals when swinging with my left arm. I discovered the false signals were coming from the pick bumping the coil wire at the control box. Easy to avoid. However I was still worried about the magnet so I have done some more research. Heres what I have found.


"Keep this magnet well away from electronics and magnetic strips (credit cards). Don't buy this if you have a pacemaker. "I take no responsibility for injury, or property damage resulting from the mis-handling of this super magnet!"


"BTW,for the hell of it I called Minelab because I was a little worried about a magnet that strong near the detector housing, I know there is a lot of electronics in there. Super magnets will trash a computer H/D pretty quick. They (Trina-at Minelab) said she has never heard of anyone ever having trouble with a Rare Earth Magnet causing any problems. so I guess it's cool to pack them together.



"Hard-drives are also not affect by magnets because of the way they function. You can research the details on how hard-drives work for a more thorough understanding, but the easy answer is that there is a very powerful magnet inside each hard-drive that controls the read-write head’s movement. That’s why some people like to rip open dead drives to get at the sweet, gooey super-strong magnet inside. If that magnet that is inside the drive, and right beside the platters doesn’t wipe them, then any magnet that you are likely to have around isn’t going to.

As for flash drives, they are a different technology altogether so they are not going to get erased"

So does the GPX have a hard drive with a moving disc or it it a flash drive?

Anyway it really seems the magnet won't hunt the detector but I still can't say I am comfortable idea of the two "kissing" each other.

I am aware that common sense would tell you "keep your $5000 dollar detector away from your $12 magnet" however in the feild I would really like to use both arms more than I would like to use the magnet.

What are others thoughts on this. Does anyone think they have damaged their detector because of a super magnet. :wacko:

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Not sure how much this will actually help you since I am not even considered a "Newb" yet because I do not have a MD yet. But, I am a communications electrician in the Navy so my opinion may carry a little weight. I would never put a magnet in close proximity to any of my circuit cards, amplifiers or test equipment unless it is specifically designed for that. An ounce of caution could save you a pound of misery.

Sorry I couldn't help any more than than.


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Hello Guys,

I would have to agree with Satt, I wouldn't place them near my equipment if you didn't have to. I personally haven't heard or seen any Minelab damaged from a magnet, but then again there is always a first. If you can, I would say keep your pick and magnet away from the detector when it's transported, stored or during use if at all possible.

Just my thoughts,

Rob Allison

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