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I am here in the evergreen state.I am going to purchase a desert fox,mountain goat trommel and a metal detector.I am 95% greenhorn when it comes to gold prospecting but i think it will be a fun past time & learning experience.I dont expect to find much here just getting a little color would make me happy.I really like this forum i think i will learn alot.Anyone from wa tune in.

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welcome , i started out with a mountain goat and fox also and eureka gold. the goat is a great little machine , i had mine mounted on top of a power sluice acting as a double concentrator (clean up once a day) ill tell ya thats how i got my first oz! eventually i outgrew the mini trommel and now use a drywasher or 5000 gph resirc highbanker for the clay stuff, but most of all the minelab now days. good luck :D

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Hi Digger1

We all were green at one time are another!I've been prospecting back as far as 1961 and I can still find green spots on me.

I have a DVD on panning if you need it.Just email me and I'll get it to you if you don't know how.On buying a detector all I can say is buy the best you can afford and Rob can help you here on that.He'll tell you what you can get for the money you have available.

Best to you!

Chuck Anders

PS O'h welcome to the forum.

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