Shep gives up Minelab

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I recently went with my brother Tom (Shep) prospecting and caught him on camera as he has given up his GPX-4000 for a Tesouro Lobo. I couldn't believe my eyes. We actually had a great time at our recent family reunion. We laughed, hunted and celebrated our nugget finds! He might go back to Minelab if the skunk comes back...



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Hey Doug,

It's great that you and your Brother get to hunt together. I don't have a Brother or Sister, but wish I has one that enjoyed doing the same hobby. I guess I'm fortunate to have great friends to enjoy this hobby with.

Hey, the Tesoro isn't a shabby VLF detector. However, it would be real hard for me to put down my GPX5000! :wub:

I'm finally caught up with field instructions, so when you're ready to get out into the field, let me know. It's getting hot now, but I'm sure we can do them early in the AM.

Talk with you soon,

Rob Allison

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A great picture of Shep working that detector and I was surprised to see a can of suds in his hand instead of his pick! If that's his new skunk busting technique, I'm all for that method!

C'ya soon, Shep


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HEY BRO! Don't be starting nasty rumors!

Like my beer!

Tell the whole story! I bought my grandson a Lobo and the qualifier was it was his, if he pulled a piece of gold from the ground. Before they got there, I 'cleaned' an area bout 15'x15' and planted 4 bullets and 1 nugget on a business card for him to find. Gave him basics on ground balancing and all and turned him loose. He found 5 bullets, but no nugget and I forgot where I planted it! Ran over the area with the Lobo and then had to find it with the 4500. It was either too deep or too small for Lobo. He got the detector and test nugget anyway, for finding the extra bullet.

Here's to BUD, family and friends! And I'm stick'n w/ my 4500!


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Enjoyed seeing you all get together. Shep wasn't hunting with that Lobo He was using it for a cane after 13 beers an a quart of hooch he gets a little tipsy !!!!

Great of you 2 brothers to promote the art of detecting to the grandkid and daughter. Hope to see ya both again soon.

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