Me and my Skunk...

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Well..after replacing the timing chain on the 22R in the 4runner....which is about as much fun as pulling nose hairs for 12 hrs straight...I felt I needed to get away.

Went out and hit some creeks and got the big skunk.

Its amazing you you can go waaaaay back in a creek and still dig up little bits of metal and wire. Where does it come from??? I usually go all the way to the head of the creeks and dont see any kind of mining operations or anything. Its just a mystery...kind of like where is the gold! :)

Oh well, I got skunk #4 out of the less skunk till I find some gold again.

Hope everyone is doing better.

Taking Pops out on Monday. Hes my good luck charm :)

Tom H.

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I'm working on my 30 plus skunk and I'm starting to wonder why I stick with it but I can always catch a fish that skunk is very rare for me. Maybe that is the draw is that I can't figure the pattern as for wher and how to find gold but look out when I do Ha Ha !

Merry Christmas to all

Ewwww...30? stick with it cuz your addicted. :)

Its fun just to go out and explore. The gold is a bonus.

You'l get over the yellow stuff eventually. Just keep at it.

Tom H.

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Tom, I sure hope you are using a genuine Toyota belt on that...Anyway , the next trip will produce gold for sure!

EETs a chain!....And just a single roller at that. Dern Toyota crippled themselves by not going with a double roller and a couple of beefier chain guides. Its the weak link on 22R motors. Other then that they are a little better then a Chevy 350 as far as durability. Just dont run them out of water! Warp city.

Next trip....may get it ...may not....either way it will be fun :)

Ive got about 15 more washes to explore in the area before I try another place.

One of them may give me a little goober or ...not.

Tom H.

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