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Just a note to remind all those who have filed the small miner's exemption for 2011 that you must have a copy of your recorded work assessment affidavit in the BLM State District office (Phoenix office if the claim is in Arizona} by this Friday the 30th of December.

The 31st will not be good enough.

It must be recorded.

It must be signed and have MC numbers.

A field office is not the same as the State District office.

Hang onto those claims!


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just a heads up Oregon miners have to do the same BUT we can do it on line make sure we all get it done because you will not get your 2012 dredge permit if you fail to get this form in on time

I don't know much about Oregon dredge permits renegademiner but my post was about the Small Miners exemption and assessment for 10 or fewer mining claims made under the 1866 mineral estate grant. This exemption requires an annual declaration with the BLM, a recorded Affidavit of Assessment Work at the county recorders office and subsequent filing of a copy of that recorded affidavit with the BLM district office by December 30th of each year.

You most definitely can not record or file the required affidavit online.

The Oregon dredge permit is a State sponsored license and has no relationship to the Small Miners exemption or assessment.

If there is a deadline for Oregon State Dredge Permits I agree that those who wish such a permit acquire one by the deadline.


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sorry guys eyes seeing one thing and brain reading something else I was thing about the Placer mining report due at BLM

it must be in by 30 Dec 11 this year normally due end of Jan Now it is due by the last day of Dec or no new dredge permit

I hope I got it right now both proof of labor and recreational placer mining report are due now

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