Christmas Eve Gold

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I just couldnt wait any longer, it was driving me nuts not goin for a swing so at 3am early Xmas eve

my battery was charged, 6 litres of frozen water,car fueled and i headed off to sthn x for a swing.

I knew it was gonna be 40c later in the day so i figured i'd get there by 6.30am and be swinging 10 minutes

later all going well, and as things went all did go very well indeed.

After the quick run out from the Cross to my spot, on went the gear (GPX5000/11" Commander Mono)

but geez the sun already had some poke in it as i guzzled down the first 2 litres of water before heading

out for a scratch in the dirt.

It didnt take long before that first yummy sweet mellow sound that had to be gold came through my shoulder

speaker, and so it was, at 4" down the 1st bit of xmas eve gold saw the light, nothing big mind you as

this spot so far hasnt given me anything over 14.9 grams so far.

Bloody hell the sun had some sting in it, and i was wiping the sweat from the eyes by 8am and it already

fealt 32 ish, anyway more water and more gold was the order of the day.

the night before i had this crazy thought of rubbing the first nugget i found next on my DWAG cap badge for

good luck, and thats what i did, and mannnn it worked a treat, the small nuggets just kept on popping up

all over areas i'd already been over with the same set up, but today i was running some more extreme settings.

Front panel


Special - Fine



Rear screen - all FP except

Gain - 19 out of 20

Signal - flat out

Motion - slow

Stab - 12

Audio - boost

By 12pm it was as hot as a barsterd so i pulled the pin and headed back home, the morning was a good session

with 15 small bits in the can for 5.1 Grams, and some red dirt on the skin Ahhhhhh that fixed the fever for a while..



Pete in WA

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