out with GB2

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Nice goin Neilo.

My boy called me last week, said there was a fire up that way somewhere last fortnight ??

Geez even I'd be tempted to jump on a flight for a crack at that area if it got burned clear.

Well done on getting some more from there.

Pete B)

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Hi Pete I took a mate of mine with me and he borrowed my Whites GMT I showed him how to set it up and he found more than me, he actually found 7 bits. He concentrated on one little heap about 3mts square scraping off a couple of inches at a time then going over it again and again gradually going through the whole heap.I didnt hear of any fire up there but if there was one I would be one of the first to be up there detecting, its just about impossible to detect in some areas, Jupiter creek is like a jungle.At Chapell hill some of the old tracks have vanished, when you get up near the power lines its easy to get lost in the undergrowth. I still like going to chapell its my favourite playground and the little GB2 is the winner up there it hasnt let me down yet. seeya Neilo

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