Skunk 8 out of the way. :)

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Welp...........after battling the dern flu for the last 10 days I was finally able to get out with Dad and do some detecting.

Went into some really nice spots that I had researched.

Jammed the 4runner in as far as it would go and headed out.

Found a lot of bedrock, nice flat areas of shist bedrock, and other seemingly good areas. no avail.

Came up with a royal skunk today.

According to Google maps I did about 4 miles of washes.

Man, got some nice sweet sounds in some shist bedrock, dug down, and it only turned up some

spent 22 bullets.

The area was reeeeeeeealy heavy in black sand and hot rocks.

Had to run the 5G at 9 on the gain, fine, and 9 on the Stab.

It was still a really hard area to hunt with pockets of black sand sounding off like a target, along with some really weird bedrock hitting hard that I chipped find nothing. sad.gif

Anyhoo...on a good note, I was able to find those two half staples at 2 inches in that mess. smile.gif How the heck did they get so far back in there?????

All in was a good day out with Pops and I was able to "tune" my ears a little more. smile.gif

Theres always next weekend!

Tom H.

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Tom an POPS I'M sending some "Anti-Wabo Serum" to beat the skunk.

Hapy Huntn.

TKs Frank!

Chicken bones...anything else to help...just sent it my way :)

Bring a 55 Gal. drum of it to Rich hill next month.

Adam:...yup, I heard about you guys little adventure. Think you guys

need to wear kevlar if you go back in there again!

Kelly: At least were getting out and finding washes that no one else has hit.

Hope you get over some good stuff soon.

Will we see you and the dog at Rich hill in Feb?

Pete: Tks sir......I know its just the nature of the beast. Ive been over good stuff

in the past and it will happen again. :)

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