Quiet in here ?? gold ??

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Its a bit quiet in here lately ???

Maybe you blokes have been out on the quiet pullin some nuggets like me ay :D :D



Holy cow thats a nice hunk of gold!

Hope you didnt have a coronary when you found it.

I usually only get out once a week. Have this dern thing called

a regular job that keeps getting in the way :(

4yrs to go and im retired!!!!!

Have not been getting much lately...ok nothing lately.

Planning on hitting a wash with pops later this week that has given up some copper and gold.

Hopefully I can get dad over a nugget.

Taker easy.....leave some gold for the rest of us.

Tom H.

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Man, nice gold! Over here in California we're going to get our first real rain of the season starting tomorrow. Saturday's questionable so I have my fingers crossed. If it isn't raining I'm going out, if it is I might as well work... :(

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