Does Anyone Know Their Name?

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This past weekend, I was camped with friends off of Tom Wells Rd near Quartzsite.

When the campfire stories started to repeat themselves, I headed for bed. As usual, I grabbed my pistol out of my truck and took it into my trailer. I always do this as a precaution in case Shep brings out a fresh bottle of Cabo, and things get rowdy.

Well like a dummy, when I got ready to head out to the gold fields in the morning, I put my pistol on the hood of my truck instead of it's usual spot next to my seat. When it was time to leave, I forgot about it, and as you can guess, it didn't hang on very well, and was lost somewhere along the road.

When I discovered my dumb-ness, I rushed back to camp and did a thorough search, but came up with nothing.

All day I questioned everyone that drove by, but to no avail. Just about sunset, one final truck was coming by, and with little hope, I flagged them down and asked the same question: Did you happen to see a pistol in the road that some idiot lost?

YIPPEEEEEE. After asking me a few questions, he smiled and said: "this one?".....

I thanked, and thanked him and his wife repeatedly, but still being a dumb ass, forgot to ask their names. So if anyone knows them, please let me know so I can acknowledge them properly.

I want to also thank my camp-mates, Shep, Jeff, and Bill for not repeating this story........


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Hey Patrick,

Great to hear you got your gun back. Years ago I done the same thing, but placed it on my bumper of my Toyota 4x4 right before leaving to head home. Was about 5 miles down the road and realized I didn't have my .22 pistol, so drove back and their was a guy standing right where I parked. I asked him if he seen or picked up a small .22, but he said he didn't know what I was taking about. I'm confident he had my gun, but just left it like that and reported it stolen/lost to the Yavapai County just in case it showed up later or someone comitted a crime with it.

On another note, thought all the hunting in the old La Paz placers off of Tom Wells Road was not off limits?

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Cool you came across honest folks, Patrick.

On Frontier Force they found a gun in the road in Darby, Montana.

Well, the sheriff has that town cammed from one end to the other so he reviewed video and turns out local guy had done same thing- left gun on truck and drove off.

Link to episode

Guns, nugz, sunglasses, drinks - we've all done it. :D

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