Anyone make it down the GPAA Mesa Gold Show?

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Hello All,

A partner and I made it down the Mesa GPAA Gold Show today. Right away I noticed the turn out was much smaller than prior years and probably 1/2 to 1/3 of the vendors. Kind of disappointed, not sure why such a smaller turnout and less vendors.

Also noticed no Minelab booth, which was also strange. I was walking around with my Minelab vest and got stopped many times to be asked about where the Minelab booth is located. :blush:

The GPAA booth was very large and also raffling a bunch of nice door prices.

I also heard that "Dakota Fred" from the Alaska Gold Rush show was going to be there, but we didn't stick around long enough to see him.

For the guys I did run into, great seeing you again.

Rob Allison

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Hi Rob -

It was great to see you and Dennis again - sorry we didn't get to chat longer. The announced attendance at the end of the day Saturday was 1810, which is in line with past attendance, but certainly no increase. The number of vendors was down, Minelab doesn't seem to be doing a booth anymore, and neither does Jobe Wholesale. Niether were at the show in Pomona California, the first GPAA show of 2012, and first under the new show staff regime (you know GPAA fired a bunch of old timers, including Nancy, who used to run the shows). Of course you were not there either (for good reason of your injury). I'd say the vendors were maybe 2/3 rds of last year. As far as Minelab not appearing at the GPAA shows, ask Kevin H. - he was at the Mesa show part of the day, but I didnt see him. Kevin seems to be awfully busy, and his non-attendance at the GPAA shows may be a casualty of that. With some long time anchors missing, I think GPAA needs to reach out and recruit some more vendors.

Dakota Fred showed up around noon, he was in the booth next to me. Large crowds surrounded him the entire time he was there, taking pictures with him, getting autographs, etc. He was very popular.

Most of the dealers I talked to said the show was only so-so. Not great, but not terrible. I sold a lot of subscriptions and gave away 10 boxes of magazines, so it was a good show for me.

The GPAA booth is large because its their show and they run it to their own benefit.

Just my random thoughts.

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Hey Guys,

Thanks for the comments.

Reno Chris - Ya, I love the ICMJ, always have. I believe it's one of the best prospecting/mining magazines out there. I like the GPAA, but it's advertising from front cover to end. Figured since I didn't hear from Nancy this year, something happened. Kind of a shame they let all the old-timers go.

Frank - Yes, doing the Mesa Show the last 10 years, I have seen the price increase each year. Last year I spent over $1,000 on booth space and electricity. I also talked with a handful of vendors before I left, most said they were selling, but much smaller items, not expensive items. I know from what I seen this year, it wouldn't have been worthwhile at least for me.

I know there is another show towards the end of the year, but I will have to think long and hard about that show.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Hi Rob and Chris,

It's good to see you guys there yesterday. Last Friday, I went to the Mesa Convention for setting up booths. I saw a lot new GPAA staff. I asked them where is Nancy and old timers? I liked them cuz of good managements and experienced staff. They said she was no longer working GPAA. I felt so disappointed! Then I looked up GPAA booths map. I told GPAA staff not enough vendors around here. Its no answering from them. My GPAP club members helped them due to lack of staff around the show.

Yesterday, I met Dakota Fred Hunt. He autographed and photoed including my good friend, Billy who shared business with you (Rob). Fred asked me how interesting my Cochear Implant work for Metal Detecting. I said simply work Yes, it indicated a lot varied sounds. Billy will work with me for minelab GPX5000 soon because of my CI. My CI is more than 5x to 7x sounds than our human's sound averages. He wanted me to test it to help more gold findings somewhere.

I will see you guys again soon! Keep in touch more in future.


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