New Latest Discoveries Competition

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Hi All, you can read more and enter on our website.


Welcome to the Coiltek Manufacturing Latest Discoveries competition. The winner of the monthly competition will win a$150USD COILTEK VOUCHER.

This voucher is redeemable against the purchase of any Coiltek product from your local authorised Coiltek dealer.

There are three areas in which the entries will be judged;

1. Each find must have been made whilst using a Coiltek product.

2. Include both a fascinating story (making sure you capture the excitement of your find) and an interesting find.

3. Images of the finds to accompany the story.

We always love to hear about the finds that are being made out in the field with Coiltek products and look forward to reading your stories. The three areas outlined above are only for a guide for those that would like to maximise their chances of winning our Latest Discoveries competition.

So now is the time? Submit your story now!

Terms and conditions apply.

Best regards,

Trevor and the Coiltek Team!

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Just a note...

The part where you put in your story does not take much to fill it up and it wont send it.

Had to redo mine a couple of times making it shorter.

Tom H.

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Hey Guys,

Thanks for adding your entry.

We have made the file upload section able to receive word doc files so if you have an extra long entry then just upload a file. We hope this helps with future entries.

So far we have some great entries! Well done to all and if you haven't already give it a go... It might be a winner!

Take care and I hope to get out and swing over a nugget soon too! Just been coin shooting lately which is fun but need to take the GPX for a run...


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Do I need to reupload mine? I had to send it in three parts and dont know if you were able to peice it together.

Its under the name

Tom Haltmeyer



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