How much do I love to prospect?

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The Mega Millions Lottery is up over $500 million. I bought a couple tickets today just because. My wife said to me that if I was to win all that money, I could just buy all the gold that I wanted. I told her yes I could, but I would make sure that it was still in the ground so that I could dig it up! She was surprised to hear me say that. Even if I won that much money, I would still be out there swinging my metal detector. For me it's not about having the gold, but the adventure of finding the gold. I would love to have a big trommel operation with heavy equipment and mine just because it makes me happy. Some people work until the day they die because they love what they do. I sure hope to be mining for gold until the day I die!

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Glad to hear your take on take on the subject Matt. That is exactly how my son and I feel about it. We just love to get out there and enjoy what nature has provided us. The fellowship of your companions is priceless also. I guess it all started as a little child hunting up Easter eggs. :-) We have been gathering gold since the eighties and still have most of what we have found. It gets in your blood and I don't want to loose the enthusiasm for it as long as I am able. Keep swinging and enjoy.

Old tom

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I can't believe that this topic popped up today. How ironic. Last Sunday I went out and bought my wife a new 2012 Dodge Durango. I came home and went to load up my prospecting equipment and looked sadly at my little single cab Dodge Dakota and was depressed at the lack of space it had. SO......because I enjoy prospecting so much, I went back to the dodge dealer today and bought myself a new fully-loaded 2012 Dodge RAM 1500 Crew Cab 4x4. Now NOTHING will keep me from the gold. Well, except for not finding any.

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It is more than a hobby! My hunting weapons & fishing tackle have suffered to no-end. It is the "Thrill of the Hunt", gold or skunk it's all good!


Exactly how I feel Lucky! My buddies give me a hard time for not putting in for hunting tags anymore, or not using my 20 plus fishing combos. They just dont understand that if i got that tag and spend 3-5 days hunting a deer, Id be dreaming of being in the gold fields the whole time. I was introduced to prospecting about 2.5 yrs ago.. before then, literally every other weekend i was fishing somewhere. If its within 200 miles of vegas, ive fished it 50 plus times. In the last 2 yrs, i may have casted a total of 8 hrs. I miss it.. but not enough i guess


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