GPX-5000 here I come

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Well, we are loaded up and ready to leave for Arizona in 3 hours. Heading to meet up with Rob and have a blast. Hoping to bring home a dent in the price of the unit.

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Hey Chris

Very exciting!! I know you will enjoy your day with Rob,

and good luck with finding the yellow stuff. Keep us posted.



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Hey Chris,

Was great meeting you and your family. Thanks a million for your business. Glad to see you get over a few nuggets to boot.

I started a new post, check it out also.

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

Rob, it was awesome to finally meet you as well. The family and I had such a great time with you and Dennis. Thank you so much for your unparalleled hospitality. And yes, those two are gonna look real pretty in my gem cases.

Looked for the post you started and couldn't find it. Looking forward to seeing the pics.

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Herb, Border, and Pete... Thanks for the kind words. I absolutely love this machine. If it is possible to wear a 5000 out from use, I'm likely to be the first to do it.

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Chris- If you don't already have the Commander 8" coil, it's an AWESOME combo with the 5000. I've found more GOLD with that coil and my 5000 than any of the other 8 coils I have. I brought home 4 nuggets totaling 4.2 grams last week end. It's my "always finds a piece" coil. Dave


Right now I have the 11" DD, 11" Mono, 15'x12' Mono, and the NuggetFinder 17" Advantage SL. I am definitely going to be looking into one of the 8" Commander's as well. Looking forward to finding some more gold.

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