Customer finds first AZ Nugget with new GPX-5000

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Hello All,

Steve from Southern California came out today for his field instructions on his new Minelab GPX-5000. Despite the heat, we manged to get through an hour or so of instructions and then off for a hunt in a newer patch. Steve picked up several targets along with me hitting several bullets before I scored a small one. As I was reaching down and extenting the detector outward, I heard another target. I dug the first, which was a small 4-5 grain nugget, but let Steve dig the second. Luckily it was another nugget around a Dwt in weight.

We both hunted for several more hours hoping to score more in this spot, but neither of us managed to find another nugget. I guess it's one of those two nugget patches, which are more common than not ....

Steve I appreciate your business and wish you much more success in Southern California and Nevada.

Below are two pictures, Steve displaying his new Minelab GPX-5000 and the second pix is the nugget he found.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Glad all of you guys got some gold. :)

Yup.....the heat is on...its starting to get toasty out there. :(

Nice to hear that your on a two nug patch. I thought I was going retarted for a while last weekend...Dad and I hunted a wash and it was a two nugger.....two up high...two down low...two in the middle. All kinds of bullets and schapnal inbetween.

But, we got em out of there. :)

Good luck with the ML5000 Steve. Enjoy.

Tom H.

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