Gold Basin Roads

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Okay, so I am planning a 2 or 3 day trip to the Gold Basin area to hunt the GPAA and a couple of private claims I have been offered access to and was wondering what the conditions of the roads are leading from Co. Hwy. 25 over to the GPAA claims? I only have seasonal tires on so I am a little worried about doing any hardcore off-roading, but if the roads are relatively smooth with only smaller rocks I should be okay. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Chris the roads are good, I have seen cars all over the place. Stay on the main dirt roads and you should have no problems. The county maintains the main dirt roads ( Gregs Hideout Road) with a grader, so its pretty smooth most of the way in.


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Driving at high speed and hitting rocks is what causes many problems...on the ungraded roads the soft, thin sidewalls of most radials is where the problems slowly and carefully and you should be ok...

the gold will still be there...if you are lucky


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You could ride a bicycle in there with no issues.

A regular vehicle with street tires will suffice as long as you use your head and don't try to make a 4 wheeler out of a 2 wheeler vehicle.

Your sidewalls are the issue if you start venturing off the dirt roads they can be punchured easily by the many bushes you would encounter.

Good Luck just got home from 6 days up there.

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