Greenstone Schist/Greenschist

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Greenstone or Greenschist is a metamorphic or mafic volcanic rock, they are rocks that have been changed in the rock cycle due to heat

and pressure into a new form of rock and are one of the major rock types to hold gold and other matalic minerals.

Here in Western Aus our Greenstone is a metamorphic granite and is the main rock type that all our major gold

deposits are associated with, when looking at a Geo map of any prospective area try to concentrate on the Greenstone

belts and within those belts on the contact or shear zones between other rock types..


Pete B)

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First thing to remember is that not all green colored rocks are greenstone. I get people showing me all types of things including green quartz that they think is greenstone.

Greenstone is typically metamorphosed basalts, and not metamorphosed granite. Greenstone is a basic rock with lots of iron and limited amounts of silica. Greenschist is technically a level of metamorphic force. Part of the confusion on this is the differences in geologists general use and historical use of these terms. Here are some photos, and the only significant different in the Australian specimen is that it is a bit more weathered than the other two. post-9-0-13537400-1335974951_thumb.jpg

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I just recently hit a nice pocket in a small quartz stringer inside a country rock of greenstone schist ... I'll try to post a photo or two here ... One is about .33 ozt and the other is just under 3 ozt. ... Heavy! Also found a 2 ozt. ... I'll take better pix but here's a couple .. I thnk my total gold haul is just under 4 ozt. ... Butt ugly gold and I'm thinking of just grinding and refining it into bullion ... I chased this lead for several years ... It took me in a big circle , then , BAM an upside down signal I thought was ferrous ... Nope, down about 16" was the screamer ... Funny thing, I've prospected a circle around this spot for a dozen years for the occasional dink ... This pocket is a local mother lode...Cheers, yer ... Happy Unc in the Dubyah

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