GPX5000 & 24" x 12" UFO the old coiltek

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Hello Nubian,

The Coiltek UFO 24x12 will work fine on the Minelab GPX 5000. As for settings, there are so many combinations on the GPX 5000 I would recommend experimenting with it. For max depth you might want to try using just "Normal" timing. If the ground is very mineralized, you might want to experiment with Fine Gold or Enhance.

Very nice nugget you have displayed in your picture. What was the weight of that Monster?

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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The 12 X 24 will work great on the GPX5000. As far as setting go, it is more dependent on the conditions and ground type you are working than the coil. Start with you last known good settings, and tweak it from there. You may need to adjust your stability a bit if you are using a bigger or small coil, because the coil is looking at either more, or less mineralization depending on the coil size.


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Hi Nuggethunting and Doc and thanks for the info , sorry for the late reply as i was in the field just came back today, weather is extremely hot so we either work in the night or early morning and the GPX gives a fantastic performance at night depth and stability, well didnt try the UFO on the GPX5000 yet but the new Blitz coiltek 14" x 9" is amazing quite and sensitive , anyway am not very excited to use the 24x12 UFO dont know why but am looking to get an 18" round coil as i think its the best bigger coil for the gpx5000.. but i really wanna know which 18" round is the best among the three known good coils 18" commander,18" coiltek or the 18" nugget finder coil :wacko: ..your help will always be very appreciated ...mmmm the nugget which its not mine but a nubian desert nugget is 200+ ounces , well i'v seen way bigget nuggets in the nubian desert and there is a guy here got two nugget one is more 50KGs and the other is more than 70kgs .. we have new discoveries in the west of sudan right now a new rush,,,people are getting lots of KGs i mean very very huge nuggets, the weather is hard but hope to be lucky and get one of those big ones soon and will post some pix and videos to the forum , bytheway i got a lil nugget like few weeks ago near the capital of the country(khartoum) and from all the nuggets been found everywhere i can tell ya the gold is really all over the country thats why when they get a gpx here they will never sell it back,, thank you guys ..much of love and respect to every body,, DOC its nice to c your videos in sudan ...lemme know when u come here next time hope ta meet ya :) ..


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