Hunting with the NF 14-inch Elliptical, Lightweight Solid (14 EMZ)

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Hello All,

This weekend I was able to test out the new Nugget Finder 14-inch EMZ, which is a lightweight, solid coil. This coil is like a spider-web coil, but has a solid cover on top and bottom. Hunting with this coil for several days I was very impressed with how stable this coil runs on the GPX 5000. I also like the fact it's solid, so it elliminates all the snagging on brush and rocks when you're swinging.

As far as sensitivity, I was able to snag the smaller nuggets down 4-5 inches and some of the larger ones over a foot.

The pictures below will show the new coil and gold nuggets a partner and I found.

Hope you enjoyed.

Rob Allison

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Hey Dave,

I was actually running in Special/Sensitive/Extra this weekend. Prior to using this coil I've been using the Coiltek Blitz open design for a good year with excellent results. That being said, a lot of brush, branches and rocks obstruct and hang the coil up. I missed the solid coil design, so figured I would give this coil a try. From what I seen so far, I'm sold on it.

Pinpointing with a round can be difficult on deeper targets and if you can't get the edge of the round coil in the hole. Best bet is to try to dig the hole wider rather than straight down. One advantage of using the ellipticals over rounds, but then again the rounds always seem to get better depth results.

Hope this helps.

P.S. You ever find that GPX 5000 manual you were asking about on another forum, or was that someone else?

Rob Allison

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Man Rob thats some nice gold!

Thats a good idea to keep the snags down.

Now if they could just figure out how to keep the headset from getting yanked off my head when you have to bust through some brush.....

I got two skunks this long weekend. But it was fun. :)

Tom H.

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