Black Sand..

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Just reading some ads in ICMJ journal and I noticed machines made to collect "valuable" black sand.. Is black sand worth anything? I got bout 40 lbs worth.

Thanks Boys


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Hey Ugs,

Funny you mentioned black sands. Over the years some claim they can make millions in black sands. One operation around the Stanton area claims their black sands contain Platinium, gold, silver and other precious metals. They claim they are making more money on black sands than the placer gold operation itself. Funny, all the major operations never made much in black sands, so hard to believe this group is doing something others haven't in the past on the same ground.

I see it as an investment scam, or someone that is very gullible. How can you have so many values in black sands, but hardly process any material through the trommel to concentrate the mats that will trap the heavier black sands? I would be more of a believer if the operation was processing thousands of yard per month, rather than maybe 20 yards in the past 3-4 months ... :ph34r:

Black sands can have values, but my honest opinion is you would have to have thousands of pounds of it to make a bunch of money. Just my toughts, hopefully others post their opinions or information they might know about the subject.

Rob Allison

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I heard rumors they are using them in the computer realm.. Idk.. I see alot of Europeans with ads offering to buy...

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Rob I agree 100%

I've worked for several large mining companies in the U.S.and generally speaking the profitable values contained in them were primarily Gold. there are other metals, Silver and platinum group metals but I've never seen it in profitable amounts in the U.S.A.

Ugbomb510 may be referring to gallium arsenide . Its used in semiconductors. there is another element found in black sands and used in electronics but I can not recall it at the moment but there are other better sources for them. Just thought of it selenium.


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Just a thought.... For those of you who have bought from Rob Dr. Erik Melchiorre's

Gold Atlas of Quartzsite, Arizona, Volume 1 Northern Dome Rock Mountains, open

your copy to page 112-113. This is in regards to black sand found at Middle Camp.

Moreover... Contrary to what some believe, using a metal detector to seek

comcentrations of magnetic black sand to nugget shoot for associated placer gold is

an old "electronic-prospector" trick that does work in the cordillera associated with

the metallogenetics processes as found throughout the Geological Eras...

However, gold is not always associated with black sand. It depends upon the

metallogenetic processes of the particular gold field... The black sand found in

Middle Camp is one example. The Columbia and Colorado Plateaus are capped with

non-metallifeous black sands...

However, if your paricular gold machine has the ability measure the amount of black

sand and also has phase readings that indicate the type of ground; this can be a "tool"

to areas that can be helpful to recover ubiquitious "bread and butter" flakes and

small nuggets within the upper foot of desert soil... just my thoughts.... jim straight

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