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Even with the best of planning a big road trip, Mother Nature is the wild card! Justin and Mr D, pulled into my driveway on a cloudy afternoon with the weatherman calling for snow in the high country the next morning as the front moved through. Even in June Northern California will get a nice cold front from our prospecting buddies up in Alaska. With a good nights sleep and a early morning start of their prospecting trip, we hit the road to one of my high country haunts for gold. Turning off the hard top to the dirt road, the temp was like 27 degrees with snow on the ground. We got to my camping spot and I chickened out since we'd have to cross the creek 5 times to get to my secret spot. I left them in good spirits and with good directions to my prospects. Busy, with my youngest Daughter High School Graduation and planned BBQ, I was busy all week. When I returned to camp, no one was there. I was impressed, since the morning chill was still in the is the only thing to make me want to get wet crossing that creek 5 times at this time of the morning! I made the rugged hike to my location and seen Justin and Mr D, working on a nice crevice about 40 yards down stream from my spot. They had the sluice all set up, but not much gold was showing and not a very impressive poke for the 4 days they've been working. I showed them how to read this little creek and took them upstream to my area and pointed out why gold will be in these crevices and not so much where they choice to dig. The first crevice we hit, we cleared off the overburden and I seen some nice material. I told Justin to grab my GB2 and give her a swing over the hardpack. Well it sounded like a popcorn machine! It was nice to see their smiling faces as the gold was coming out towards the end of their little prospecting trip to Northern California. Both are hardworking men and earned every nugget they dug up in this rugged country and I look forward to their next visit or mine and Robin's to their neck of the woods. Until our next Hunt!



Below is Justin and botton photo is Mr D



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Oh man! Wish we didnt get called back so soon (emergency). I think we had only managed to dig up a 1/3 oz before you came out but we did spend alot of time running around and fishing the first few days! I cant wait to hit the hills again with you guys too! We still havent weighed anything yet or cleaned up any gold packed cons but i will include a pick of some nuggets we picked out out of the heavy carpet. Thanks Lucky and hopefully we will see you and Robin soon!


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Im not crazy :blink: I only talk to myself after 3pm :P


In the dessert I have pulled many pounds of yellow metal but those creeks are a little different in the Motherload, we were doing a sampling process to find the pay streak but youre right Rick is a great teacher and damn glad to have him as my mentor it would have took us a few more test holes to figure things out on our own. After Lucky schooled us on wet placer we kicked ass untill getting called back home a couple months short of plans.


Wasssup brother I love funny pictures especially when youre making a damn good living doing what you love :)

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A popcorn machine.....thats cool! :)

Glad you guys had a good time, cool weather and got some gold!

Nice specie for sure.

GL out there.

Tom H.

P.S....could you sent some of that 27 degree air over here to AZ?

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