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Oh its on fire folks.. Gonna be alot of chaos around there.. Was my playground..... Now nowhere to go this weekend.. Any suggestions?

Thanks boys,


P.S. good time for swingin after everything is put out.Alot of scrub gone.. Damn I wish I owned a detector.. lol

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El Dorado,

I have been holding my breath as I have been watching the fire develop

so close to where you live. I really hope they are able to contain it and put it out soon.

It so so unbelievably dry up there. I was in Auburn when that fire broke out.

Seeing the plume rising in the air made my heart sink. So many people up there.

Keep us posted.

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Just got out of the morning Cal Fire Brief:

They consider it a very dangerous fire and have more resources than normal for a fire of this size. It is now 2200 acres, over 1900 firefighters 170 fire engines, 15 Helos, 26 dozers, but have reduced the air tankers to only 2 due to poor visibility from smoke at the fire. One house has been destroyed and 9 fire fighters injured. Wind should not be to much of an issue today, but that is going to change tomorrow. The evening briefing at 1930 hrs will be much more detailed.

And for you Manzanita slayer: They are concerned about the fire getting across the river, so they have committed many strike teams on your side of the river for your protection.

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It is the worst area for a fire, very steep terrain and not a lot of access. Very few roads for fire crews to make a stand on in the steep country. Went over there yesterday to help a friend up on Big Dipper rd move some things into his mine where they would be safer. I have a lot of friends over there that are in harms way of this thing. I heard from some folks that they think this was started by someone with fireworks. IDIOTS!!!! I hope they catch them.

Good luck to all over there.


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Locals here that witnessed the fire start confirm it was from bottle rockets. They got license plate#'s and vehicle description but officials are really keeping a lid on any further info. Possible cause of the nature of some of the locals about what they think should happen to the perps.

I think my house is pretty much out of the woods now. Fire has not spread my direction for 3 days and the wind this morning is from the South West. Good for me bad for others.

This morning's Brief:

8am Cal Fire Update....

Acres Burned: 2,500 acres

Containment: 2,500 acres - 30% contained

Structures Destroyed: 1 residence & 4 outbuildings

Threatened: 170 residences

Total Fire Personnel: 2,147 personnel

Engines: 161 engines

Fire crews: 58 crews

Airtankers: 2 air tankers

Helicopters: 15 helicopters

Dozers: 40 bulldozers

Water tenders: 20 water tenders

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