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Dont get me wrong guys, i realise some of you will be protective of your areas and patches, but cant yaz even show me some close ups of the surface ground you blokes find gold on/in ?

I just thrive on the geo of gold bearing ground world wide.

come to WA, i'll throw ya some X's, hell how many spots can a bloke cover.

Not asking for yous to show your back drops hahaha AZ seems cut throat

but just wanna see some west coast mineral from close up like this



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Hi Mark

That pic is from my local gold patch mate 80klm nth or perth West oz mate haha.

talk about gettin tracked in AZ, try Perth mate, they know my car and my face due

to working in the local gear store....... :ph34r: :ph34r: :)

But i wanna see pics of ground from east or wesy USAas long as its gold bearing.

Chris - you probly got sheeet loads ay ??


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  • Admin

Hey Pete,

Here is an older picture of a patch I found. I called it the quartz patch, as it was loaded with rotten, redish quartz and small crystalline gold. As you can see, when I found this patch I was using the Minelab GP series and Wallaby 17-inch coil. I ended up going back with a smaller coil and found some crumbs I missed the first couple of go-arounds.


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Hey Ray,

I have enjoyed all your pics and info and stories glad to see you back on the forum. I will be in southern Oregon soon for elk hunting and a little nugget shooting. One day I hope to meet you maybe a trip to northern ca. is in order this spring. Thanks again for the pics.

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