Success with the Nugget Finder 14-inch Elliptical Mono

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Hello All,

Over the last month or so I've been using the new Nugget Finder Advantage 14-inch. The new coil is a solid, lightweight and elliptical in design. I must say it's extremly quiet and I like the fact it's solid on the bottom and top, which elliminates all the snagging of the open web design coils. There has been a bunch of buzz on these new Advantage solid since there isn't much advertisement on them yet.

Here are some of my finds, 7.4 Dwt's worth ($647.50 @ current spot price) since I've been using the new coil. Just in a few short months nugget hunting on the weekends I have well paid for this coil and some.



Anyone interested in these new coils, I have a full line of them in stock and available for sale. Contact me through phone or email if you have any questions.

Rob Allison

Rob's Detector Sales


[email protected]

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Nice Rob,

I want one but did not see the solid one like yours on your website, I probably just missed it I will have another look. The real test will be if I could find gold with it cuz we all know that you can find nuggets with a paper plate stuck to the end of a stick.

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Hey Guys,

I don't have the new solid Advantage coils on my online store yet, but have all of them in stock and more on the way. I need to get some pictures of them to post on the store and then add them so they can be ordered online. If anyone is looking for a NF, just give us a call.

Hot Rocks - I now have one of my partners using the 14-inch Advantage solid lightweight. I have a few Coiltek, NF and even a Minelab coil in my collection of coils. Never know when you might need a certain one .... :blush:

Frank C - I agree with you. Super coil and very quiet. I was sold on the solid design as I like to jam my coils into spots that open coils always get hung up.

Talk with you all later,

Rob Allison

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