Backwards wash gives up a little more!

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Hey all:
Got to go out with dad today and do some detecting in Backwards wash.

And, true to its was backwards again. The stuff on the right of the scale is from that wash. Big one down low and little ones way up top. Did a LOT of digging out of the wash and thats how I found the small ones. The big on....I plain ol missed it on the first run up the wash. Shame on me!

I did do some patch hunting and found a little flat guy up on the side of the hill in a really shallow run off.

We headed back to the truck around 3 but there was another small trib on the way out I wanted to hit.

Welp, lo and behold I got the two on the left out of it!
Great day out and we were blessed with good times and gold.

4.9 grams total

Enjoy :)
Tom H.

Heres a video of me popping the big one out...and no, im not throwing up on it...I put water on it!

Skip to about 4:00 if you dont want to see me digging....

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Hmmmm.....try this one..

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Nice video! :o Really giving me cabin fever, i have not been out for almost 3 weeks and the weather down south sucks. 55 mph wind kept me home today with 6 to 10 inches of snow in the morning :(

Great job on the finds lately there Tom,


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