Happy birthday" Im A Congress Man"

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Happy B Day!!!!!
Weeeeee..........your only as young as you feel :) Dont take that feeling when you first get up....wait a few hours :o
Hope you can go out and get some yellow this week.

Tom H.

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Thx everyone,,i had a great day!!! :)

Got some good b-day news too, ~~~the job I worked at before at the VA Domiciliary in Anchorage is open again...I may be going back for the summer!!!!!

I could recon the claim Justin!!!

Maybe I can meet Steve H. this time...Steve, I know you all were working Crow Creek area last time i was there in 2011.[ Having to rope down to an area is what i remember.?]

'All the way," --- Steve

Patrick ~~I applied for a permanent job in Vegas as a Rural Service RN working with the people who help get GI's off the street and into decent housing thru HUD/VASH..

I would love doing that.

Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend and finds some beauties!!!

God bless you all !!!!!!

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