Two Toms day in the hills

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Hey all:
Managed to finally get out and soothe the itch after about 3 weekends staying at home.

Took advantage of one of the last "cool" weekends....its gonna get steamy from here on out.

Dad and I went to a new area to try it out. After getting around all the fences and locked gates we got to our spot with the help of the ol GPS. Man I love that thing!

Did a bunch of detecting but just couldnt seem to find any thing yellow. Lots of other trash though.

How does a staple get so far back up in a wash???

I found a old mine with a arrastra.

According to MINEDAT it was a gold/copper mine.

Well, thats our day in the hills.

Anyone else going out and smelling like a skunk? :)

Oh tried to get a pic of a red rattlesnake that wanted to see what he was doing but it

took off too fast.
Tom H.

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Hey Tom's x 2,

Where are the nuggets? Come on ..... :)

In the ground somewhere! :)

Were tryyyyying.


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