A dear friend has passed, Scott Kovac

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My dear friend Scott Kovac of Prescott Valley passed away last Tuesday.

He was a lifelong prospector, friend and mentor.

Scott had a rare talent as a mill wright and his abilities at prototyping designing, creating and modifying were amazing.

He will be sorely missed.

Chris Porter

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I didn't have the pleasure of knowing your friend Chris, but we might have bumped into one another through the years and not even known it being so close territorial wise. Loosing a friend is always a deep hit to a guy and takes a while to sink in. I've lost all my childhood buddies and all my close friends made in my older age. Seems like I wonder why I am left here sometimes and then I figure that there is something left for me to do or someone to help along the way. There are new friends to be made for you and maybe someone to mentor. Condolences for now but the future is bright.

Old Tom

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Our Condolences to you and yours for the loss of your true friend. He smiles from Heaven of the words you spoke. We wish his family along with you and yours a lightened heart knowing that he is in a better place. True friends are the gold in a mans soul.

God bless

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