Doc's Detecting Expands AGAIN!

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590f81df96d77_2017-05-0417_14.42(1024x576).thumb.jpg.7116b4caa9adf43087efa9653a26de3e.jpgLet me first start by saying, "No we aren't going out of business."  GEESH, I don't know how these rumors get started.  In March of 2016, I had a water pipe burst in my office.  I built my office building in 1986, and as I am a Criminal Psychologist, at that time I was not involved in Metal Detecting.  So I had a typical professional office building, like an attorney would have.  I had developed some psychological written tests to screen employees back in 1977, and they really took off. I have over 880 customers around the world.  The beauty of my testing business is that it doesn't take any of my time as the program is completely computerized and automated.  My clients buy scoring credits.  My only involvement is processing their credit cards for purchases of scoring credits.  Well a professional office building is not a place to run a prospecting shop that is so inventory intensive.  However, we made it work from 1990 up until the flood.

So the water damage was over $120,000.  I had a great insurance adjuster who put me in touch with a wonderful general contractor.  My wife and I decided it was time for a total remodel, and we would put it up for sale.  Then we would rent warehouse space.  Well from March until October we ran the business out of 4 enormous shipping containers as the office was finished.  This is how the office looks now.  Yes, you could actually live there.  It has a full kitchen and two restrooms with showers.




So we put the office on the market and Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Clark County bought the building to be used as a Neighborhood Criminal Justice Center.

So now, I had to get moved to a warehouse.  Jobe Wholesale was kind enough to let us park our ridiculous amount of inventory in their warehouse in October until I could find a suitable location for "Doc's Detecting Supply."

I met Harrigan from Gold Fever Prospecting, and it just so happened that he was looking for a warehouse as well.  So we decided to share a warehouse.  We are just completing the move.  It took all of April.  Throw into the mix that I had elbow surgery at the end of December where they cut off the head of my radial bone because I had broken it 4 years ago. 

When all is said and done this will be the largest warehouse of metal detecting, prospecting and treasure hunting supplies west of the Mississippi.  We owe our tremendous growth to fantastic dealers like Rob who represent most all of our products.  If you are in Las Vegas (Henderson actually) drop in and say hi.

Doc's Detecting Supply new address is 1180 Wigwam Parkway, Henderson, Nevada 89074

Sorry for the long winded explanation.  But I'm still here, and I'm not going anywhere.  The reports of my demise have been grossly overstated.  (Just wishful thinking :-)  I apologize for it being so difficult to get in touch with me over the last 45 days.  Moving this much merchandise and setting up a brand new warehouse is quite an undertaking.  (Oh yeah I turned 68 April 20th, so I had to get over that depression too!)  LOL



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23 hours ago, nuggethunting said:

Hey Doc,

   That is great news.  Ya, heard some of the rumors you were going out of business, then other said you merged with Jobe Wholesale.  

Neither was true.  John Jones of Jobe Wholesale was kind enough to rent me some space temporarily so I could leisurely look for a really nice warehouse that would suit my business and needs.  It was well worth taking my time, because I found a really nice warehouse in a really nice location and neighborhood.


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17 hours ago, frank c said:

Well of course Congrats , an that explains why I would get "no reply" from ph. msgs. etc. !!


Sorry Frank,

For about a month I was actually afraid to talk to anyone for fear they would want to order something.  I had no idea where anything was.  It took two days, a crew of workers, and a 26 foot long truck and a large trailer to move everything.  And that was just getting it on pallets and getting it moved.  I have spent so much time unpacking everything and trying to organize it in some logical order.  This moving crew was no better than a bunch of trained monkeys.  They just move it from one place to the other with no concern for the order it was put in, or the inconvenience it caused trying to get to the pallets to unwrap them.  It was a nightmare.

I have personally touched and placed everything, so at least I know where things are.  Believe me, my back knows it too.  As soon as I get the last little bit done I am heading to the chiropractor.

Thanks to all for your patience.


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