$1000 off New Minelab GPZ 7000 (Lightly Damaged Box)

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Hello All,

    I'm willing to make someone a great deal on a new Minelab GPZ 7000 metal detector.  This is a new unit that I received directly from Minelab Americas that showed up damaged in a larger batch of detectors.  We have checked everything out, no damage to anything within the box.  Since the box is slightly damaged on the outside, we can't ship this as a new unit.  We are going to lower the price of this unit only to $7000 shipped in the US.   The normal price of a GPZ 7000 metal detector is $8000 + Shipping.  

Serial # 62464568753

The unit will ship with full insurance value Fedex Home Delivery or USPS.  

Contact us ASAP if you're interested. We don't expect to have this new unit around very long for this price.  





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I wouldn't care if the box was trashed as long the detector isn't harm. But it starts me thinking how much would it sold for if the box was trashed.

Well either way it's a great deal for anyone.

For me if I never use it that would be okay. The pleasure of owning one  would be enough for me. A friend said this about a gun he may buy.


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Hey Chuck,

   I still have the unit, about a dozen customers very interested, but no one has pulled the trigger.  Probably a bit too warm still for most.  I'm going to reduce it down to $6800.00 with shipping with the US as the last and final price.  This is a great deal, pretty much down to the Military Discount, plus I'm willing to train the customer that purchases it.  

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I've got to stop reading this great price on a 7000 just because of a damage box. The reason is because I keep salivating all over my key board . I too would love to have it but it's just a little more than I can afford.

Minelab You need to step in and offer the 15 % discount plus don't forget another 5 % for the damage box.

On a deal like this I'd tell Rob the check I sent him for the Equinox 800 just put it on the 7000. This is what you call wishful thinking.

I think I need to rug that Lamp I found  just a little more. Great buy for someone but not for me today. I need that Equinox because tomorrow is the day I find that treasure.


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