Bunk's Hermit Prospecting Picks - Available Now!

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Hey Guys,

   I didn't realize for some time that we didn't have Bunk's Hermit Prospecting Pick listed on our online store or Ebay.  We have now listed it, thanks to some customers searching for them, as they are in very short supply. 

We carry both, the smaller version - Burro Pick and the larger Hermit Pick.  Calvin "Bunk" makes two great picks and I use both all the time on my prospecting adventures. 

Here is the link for both, but the Burro is on backorder for a week or so -

Hermit Pick - https://www.robsdetectors.com/bunks-hermit-prospecting-pick-hermit-pick/

Burro Pick -  https://www.robsdetectors.com/the-burro-pick-24-inches/


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Hermit picks are the best! I used mine for years and the handle never got loose once. Finally had to get another one as I wore the blade out. :)
Tom H.



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