Looking for a recommendation (GPX Coil)

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Hi all,


looking for a cool recommendation for the GPX 5000. Here’s some background.

I already have a GB2 with the small 6.5” coil. So I my thinking is that I’m set for small targets already. So I’m leaning towards a larger coil for the GPX. 

I live in the CA desert so lots of brush. Moderate soil. 

Forget about what the GPX came with. if you were going to invest in one additional coil, what would you go with and do you have hand-on experience with your recommended coil?

Thanks in advance for your advice. 


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Hey Bill,

   The most popular sized coil ever sold in my opinion as a dealer is the 14x9" Elliptical Mono.  It's a perfect mid-sized coil for all types of gold, gets great depth and can pinpoint and work in tight spots.  That being said, both NF and Coiltek make this size.  The next size up would be the 17x11" or 17x13" elliptical Mono.  

Nuggetfinder makes the new EVO series in 14x9 and 17x13

Coiltek makes the new Elite series in 14x9 or 17x11

I would go with the 14x9, best overall coil in my opinion.  

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Evo 9x14

Tom H.


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