Annual Mining Claims Flow Chart

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The new mining year is approaching fast.

Claim owners need to have their BLM mining claims case files updated by August 30 this year.

If you are paying the maintenance fee you will need to pony up $165 per lode, millsite or tunnel site claim and $165 per every 20 acres of placer claim you intend to hold.

If you are claiming the small miners waiver you need to submit a BLM "MAINTENANCE FEE WAIVER CERTIFICATION" form 3830-2 by August 30. There is no fee for submitting the form but you will be obligated to pay $15 per claim and submit a copy of your recorded affidavit of labor or notice of intent to hold by December 30th. Make sure your 3830-2 has an expiration date of January 31st, 2020 or your claims will be declared abandoned - this is the only OMB approved information collection form and the BLM is a stickler about the expiration dates.

Sound complicated? Download the free MinerDiggins Annual Mining Claims flowchart from Land Matters and it will be as easy as following the lines. 👍


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