Now Available - Doc's NS Prospecting Pick - $89.95 + S/H

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Hello All,

   Just a FYI, I have been waiting for these new picks to arrive.  Doc @ Doc's Detecting has built a new Prospecting pick call the NS.  Below are some pictures of the new picks.  We have them in stock and available for sale.  They are $89.95+ S/H

Online Order Here ----->

The overall lenght is 22" inches, the blade width is 5 1/2" wide and from pick point to end is 11"  The pick is built super well and well balanced.  The pick blade is folded on the ends to help pull dirt and material back while digging.  

Call us if you're interested.  


NS Pick1.jpg

NS Pick2.jpg

NS pick3.jpg

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Hey GPX Power,

   Ya, all picks have become pricey due to good wood and metal.  That being said, the APEX picks I sell, some are well over $100 now.   I actually took this pick out and gave it a whirl.  It works really well and is strong.  I think if anyone is looking for a good prospecting pick that will last many years, they will have to invest in a higher price pick.  

Just my thoughts,


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Hey Way2cool,

   That is correct, customer could make their own.  Over the years I have carried a lot of picks and brands.  

Some very popular picks I carried in the last year or two that were reasonably priced were Bunk's Hermit and Burro.  They are now out of stock and not sure they will be sold again from us.  

Apex makes a great pick in a ton of sizes and head configurations.  They have gotten pretty pricey, but that also has to do with a high quality pick and increased prices on metal and wood. 

I was selling a ton of the 18" Gold Buddy picks, which were the same as the Garrett Retriever II's, but now they are out of stock and I'm not sure if they are going to make another batch or not. 

Doc's new pick looks great and feels good.  I think it will be a great seller, as there are only a few good pick manufactures that are building prospecting picks today.  

Hope this helps,



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