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Hey Gang,

Listen I made a bit of a mistake it calculating the price on the new SAGA Swing Assist Guide Arm.  Originally I was hoping these could retail for a minimum of $44.95, and I'm going to honor that price on all orders placed through Rob until January 10, 2020.  However after getting the shipping charges and the import clearance fees, the import duty and tariffs, and I forgot to add in the fiberglass rods, after January 10 the price will go up to $49.95.  Which is still less expensive than other competitors Swing Arms, and this arm far surpasses anything currently on the market in design, functionality and durability. 

Look at these features:

• Fits any detector
• Supplied with 35 inch rod, trim to suit you
• Swivel Pivot joint, allowing you to move the arm in almost any direction without breaking the attachment point.
• Sure strap attachment system gives you a solid fit on any shaped rod
• Storage clip to store the SAGA arm when you are only swinging with one arm
• Easy removal of the fiber glass rod with a push of a button to allow you to leave the rod in your vehicle if it is not needed.
• Ergonomic Egg shaped grip for swinging comfort

Thank you and Happy New Year.


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Hey Guys,

   Get your order in ASAP if you're interested. I only have a few left, but the store will allow backorders, so you can still order by Jan. 10th and get the product for $44.95 vs. the $49.95 after Jan. 10th.  

Here is the link to order directly from the online store -

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Hey gang,

I don't know about y'all but I really like to see instructions on things before I invest in a new product.  It helps me understand the product and the features better.  So I have attached the 2 page full color instructions that comes with every SAGA™ Swing Arm.  Hopefully I made them easy enough to understand.  I think the big plus about this system is that the length is fully customizable.SAGA Instructions PDF EX.pdf

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