Roadrunner Prospectors Club - Lifetime Memberships for Sale

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Hey Guy/Gals,

   Several people have contacted me recently about joining the Roadrunner Prospectors club.  It's a great club with a lot of claims.  I have been a Lifetime Members for a long time and highly recommend the club.  That being said, in the recent Bird Tailings Newsletter, there is 3-4 lifetime memberships for sale in the range of $350 to $400 plus the transfer fees.  This is a lot cheaper than the $1500 membership.  

P.S.  If anyone is just looking to join the club, make sure you tell them Rob Allison referred you :)

Hope this helps a bit,



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Thanks for the heads-up Rob. 

I went to inquire about those memberships found out that you have to be an active member for at least two years to become eligible to purchase a Lifetime membership from another member.  Sounds like it still is a good deal if you have been member for at least two years.


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The restriction on sale of life memberships has been in place for over 10 years. I just completed paying my final membership annual dues in December, so now I'm a life member, but when I originally joined (10 years ago) I knew my eventual life membership would not be transferable.




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