New Customers hit Ground Running in Arizona - Minelab GPZ 7000 & Gold Monster 1000

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Hello All,

  This weekend three customers (Grandfather, Father and Son) from California came over to get field instructions on their new metal detectors.  They purchased the Minelab GPZ 7000 and Gold Monster 1000.  We spent the entire day doing instructions, metal detecting for nuggets and a lot of hiking and exploring around.  The weather and company was great!  

We were to get both detectors over a gold nuggets before the day ended.  The GPZ 7000 found a nice 1-2 Grammer under an old tree that was growing out from the wash bottom and the Gold Monster 1000 nailed a smaller, probably 1 Gram piece in a bedrock crack.  

Right now before Christmas is the perfect time to purchase any of these two detectors.  You not only get my free bundle package, but Minelab is offer the free $102 battery pack for the Gold Monster 1000 and the $1500 19" Searchcoil for the GPZ 7000.   We would love you earn your business and get any of you up and searching for gold nuggets!

P.S.  Larry (Son), shown in the left on the first picture has two Youtube channels.  Go over and "Like, Share and Subscribe to them!"

Larry Life -  over 76,000 Subscribers (impressive) 

Larry Life The Hunt for Gold -

Thanks you all for your wonderful friendship and business from Rob's Detector Sales. 




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