Nugget Finder EVO 12x8 Searchcoil finds Arizona Gold

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Here are some finds and story from a friend/customer that just purchased the Nugget Finder EVO 12x8 Mono Searchcoil.  



 I have been working hard learning the GPX 4500 I bought from you and finally got the new 8 x12 Evolution coil over a few pieces of gold. 
The first was a .7 gram nugget that made a very soft signal until I pulled back a layer of dirt and the signal got louder.
It was nice to see a piece of gold in my scoop. Honestly, I would have been happy with that.
Working through the day I had just dug a 22 cal shell casing at about 16" deep in this really hard-packed clay.
I was both surprised at the depth and disappointed. A few targets later I got a signal way up under a bush.
I thought it would be a bullet. It turned out to be the 4.1 Gram chunk my biggest none specimen.
After using a VHF for so many years and having to distinguish the tones of signals the PI really sounds off.  
But I think the experience shorten the learning curve. 
Thanks again 



image (3).png

image (6).png

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